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Shandong Yishan Law Firm was established in July 2011, north of the five mountains exclusive Taishan, the unit area of 900 square meters, south of the vast west flow of Wenshui, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province, is a standardized, modern, litigation and non-litigation business equal emphasis on comprehensive law firm。There are 20 practicing lawyers and 2 practicing lawyers, including 6 members of the Communist Party of China, 2 members of democratic parties, 6 postgraduate students and 4 administrative staff。

Shandong Yishan Law Firm team is a healthy and energetic high-quality professional team。In addition to having a solid legal theoretical foundation, Yishan lawyers also have in-depth research in specialized legal fields, such as: financial insurance, real estate, construction projects, financing guarantees, intellectual property rights, financial securities, corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring and restructuring of legal services。In order to further improve the level of professional services, Yishan Law Firm has set up professional departments such as financial and commercial Department, Construction Engineering Department, Criminal Department, Marriage and Family Department, and Traffic Accident Insurance Department。While adhering to the professional construction, Yishan Law Firm emphasizes the horizontal cooperation between professional departments and professional lawyers, makes full use of superior resources, gives full play to the advantages of comprehensive strength, and adheres to the mode of lawyer team to provide professional and comprehensive legal services for clients, effectively reduces the risks of clients, and maintains the maximization of legitimate rights and interests。

In the cultural construction and management system of Yishan, Yishan Law firm always strives for excellence。After long-term practice accumulation and development,In particular, the introduction of Alpha big data intelligent case handling system,Has established a set of case handling, training, case discussion, team cooperation, customer feedback to file management and other strict management system,Guarantee service quality,Improve team cohesion,It has laid a solid foundation for the professional and standardized development of Yishan Law Firm。

The firm also has good working relations with relevant judicial, administrative, economic and trade, industry and commerce, finance and taxation and other government authorities or functional departments,And at all levels of courts, arbitration institutions, asset appraisal, accounting firms and other intermediary institutions have a good reputation,It has realized information exchange, resource sharing and complementary advantages,It can protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties more effectively。Shandong Yishan Law Firm is active in all fields of law business, providing better legal services for all walks of life, and Yishan Law brand and reputation have been widely recognized by all walks of life。

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