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Mi Hongkun


From 1991 to 1995, I worked as a technician and cost engineer in Beijipo Construction Company of Tai 'an City. During this period, I participated in the construction management of many projects such as Xinle Hotel of Tai 'an City and Shuanglong Underground supermarket of Tai 'an City。

1995-1997 - Worked in Tai 'an Fengyuan Real Estate Development Company as chief of the Planning Section, engaged in residential planning, construction management and other work;

1997-2002 - Worked in Tai 'an Xingdong Construction Company as production manager, engaged in production planning and other work;

2002 - Took the judicial qualification examination and obtained the qualification;

2002-2011 - Worked as a practicing lawyer in Shandong Dongyue Law Firm。

2004 - Bachelor of Laws degree;

2011-2018 - Deputy Director of Shandong Yishan Law Firm;

Since 2015 - served as an arbitrator of Tai 'an Arbitration Commission;   

April 2021 - Selected into the Party and government integrated legal expert database of Tai 'an City。

January 2019 to present - Director of Shandong Yishan Law Firm。


Civil, marriage and family, real estate disputes, corporate legal counsel, construction contract disputes


Position: Principal


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