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"Civil Code" publicity into the community - Our Party branch secretary Tian Bin and deputy director Ma Guoliang were invited to jointly with the Liguanzhuang Community Party Branch to carry out "Civil Code" publicity activities

In order to effectively promote the implementation of the Civil Code,Popularize knowledge of the Civil Code,Carry forward the spirit of the Civil Code,On the morning of August 27, 2022,Shandong Yishan Law Firm Party branch secretary Tian Bin, deputy director Ma Guoliang led the party branch members and non-party members,A total of 7 lawyers were invited to join Liguanzhuang Community Party Branch to carry out the Civil Code propaganda activities。

Lawyer Tian Bin introduced the significance, process and contents of the compilation of the Civil Code。Focus on the Civil Code, the act of righteousness can be exempted from liability, the establishment of the right of residence, the protection of legal rights of owners, divorce cooling-off period and other closely related to the life of residents to understand the content;There is a legal basis for stopping the "hegemon" behavior, refining the provisions on the liability of throwing objects at altitude, printing wills and recording wills and other new highlights are analyzed,Use plain language to make residents realize that the civil code is the code to protect their own rights and interests,It's also a norm to follow。

After the presentation, the lawyers on the scene interacted with the crowd, and answered the doubts and demands of marriage and family, real estate, pension and other aspects of the consultation。

Community workers said,Conduct Civil Code awareness activities,To a certain extent, the residents' understanding of the Civil Code and publicity efforts have been improved,Create a strong atmosphere of legal publicity in the community,Let residents consciously learn the law, abide by it, and use it,At the same time, the residents will learn to apply the Civil Code in their daily life.,Resolve conflicts and disputes,Adopt legal means to safeguard legitimate rights and interests。

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